Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Night of Lightening

I was sound asleep when the first child came into our room. It felt like 5:30 in the morning so I was very relieved to see that it was only 12:30am. There would still be an opportunity to sleep!

It was the lightening that brought Aliza into our room. It was constant. I have never seen lightening that was so constant. It was only a couple seconds later that Josiah ran over and jumped under our covers. I roused Jeremy telling him that I had never seen lightening like this. He said, "it's probably a car outside" and went over to the window to check. Sure enough--it was lightening. ;) He got back in bed a bit annoyed. After a few cracks of thunder and Anna coming in, he check the weather radar.

I wish we had taken a screenshot of the radar. It was deep purple and red over us and continuing to move over us. There was also a grid outlining the purple area. I got a little more nervous at that point.The thunder wasn't really that bad, but that lightening...!

And then Isaiah woke up screaming. At that point Jeremy left our bed and I had 4 children in the bed with me. Aliza was shaking and her hands were freezing on my right, Josiah was on my left with his head buried in the pillow. Anna was on top of me--pretty much sleeping. Isaiah was tucked between me and Aliza. My right arm was snuggling Isaiah and still touching Aliza.

Meghan texted me at 1am to see how many of my children were awake. She had two that slept through it! I checked on another friend. She was awake with children in her bed too.

The lightening had subsided a lot by 1:30. I put Isaiah back in his bed and Josiah in his bed beside his Daddy. It was 2:30 until Aliza finally settled down and the girls slept in my bed the rest of the night.

The moral of this story is that I NEED a king size bed! 

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