Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Sum of the Week

We joined Janell's family to watch fireworks in Snow Hill. the kids were piled on Jeremy's lap this year! Isaiah was a little uncertain at first, but he enjoyed it by the end.
I enjoyed going to a restaurant for dinner with one of my friends on Monday evening.

Isaiah picked up one lollipop at the parade and was completely satisfied. He stood back and ate his lollipop while the girls filled the buckets.
This car was the highlight. Isaiah said the car had wings and he expected it to fly.
Jeremy and Josiah spent the day with my Dad breaking in a boat. Josiah has referred to it as "our" boat ever since. He is super excited that Grandad has a big enough boat to go shark fishing.

I had my grandparents over for 4th of July supper. It was really nice to just enjoy their company.

We got to swim at our favorite pool on Wednesday. Isaiah is still fearless. He laid right down mad and screaming when I wouldn't him in the deep end.

Then my Mom had us for supper. We had a fun visit with Mom and Dad. And then it was my birthday.

I got a special delivery.
These cute faces wrapped up a special present. And Aliza made special whoopie pies--that we ate so fast I didn't take a picture!
Gramma took us for ice cream on Friday.

It was all topped off with a date with Jeremy Friday night while Meghan fed them all supper! My kids had! Jeremy and I did too!
I'd say it was a pretty great week!

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