Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Salt Cave

Brandi treated Karen and I to a new experience--salt therapy in the Salt Cave. You can read about the technical stuff on the Touch of Grace Spa and Salt Cave website. I've been explaining it to people so I thought some pictures might be helpful.

In our session there were 7 people. We arrived last and 2 of the people were clearly sleeping or intending to sleep so we got the hint to be quiet! Silence isn't required, it just depends on the group of people in the session. The chairs were zero gravity lounge chairs. There was a blanket on each chair in case you were chilly. The room is kept at 72-74 degrees. I got chilly during the last few minutes.
The floors, walls and ceiling are all salt and dry salt air is blown into the room during the 45 minute session. The lights are low and change color and there is instrumental music playing.
I enjoyed it. I'm not very good at relaxing though! I kept thinking about things I wanted to say!

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