Friday, August 11, 2017

All That Corn

This was Grandad's third planting of corn this year and there is one more to come. I don't remember a crop bigger than this one. The picture is the second half of the about 200 ears of corn he pulled. Josiah was there to help him pull the second half. I think this was the first time he pulled corn and he enjoyed it.
Aliza helped husk. I was super proud of her for sticking with the job!
It got to be lunchtime and it ended up that Grandad and I were out there together finishing the husking. Moments to treasure. However, this job was big enough that I was determined to finish the husking before I ate lunch because I did not want to have to go back out to husk after lunch!

Mom had plenty of corn in the house to start cutting it off the cob.

Gramma was silking the corn and that's what I did after the husking was finished---along with giving the kids lunch and putting Isaiah down for a nap! Gramma declared that this was the "silkiest" corn she had ever seen and that Grandad would NOT be planting this variety next year. (lol)
After the corn is blanched, Mom cools it is large bowls. When she was done with the sink she sat the bowls in ice cold water in the sink.
We had 4 gallons of corn cut off the cob and that made 32 pints of corn to freeze. Aliza particularly loves this corn. Her Grandma told her that she could take some home. Aliza didn't think it would taste the same if she ate it at her house. No one will be complaining about the work when we eat it at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter!

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