Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Around Here This Week

 A bunch of monkeys celebrated Lydia's birthday at Coco's Funhouse. Aliza is over the age limit to play on the bouncy houses and Isaiah is just at the age to really start enjoying Coco's. Aliza brought some quarters to play games and was pretty thrilled when Uncle Jeff handed her a pile of quarters too. Lydia wasn't feeling very well which was super sad for the birthday girl!
 Josiah got to spend an afternoon and evening fishing with his Grandad. Grandad had asked Josiah where he wanted to go next time they went fishing and Josiah told him that he wanted to catch striped bass. It was pretty exciting that Josiah caught the 20 inch "keeper."
 The warm light was on at Krispy Kreme this weekend. This was our first time to take the children to Krispy Kreme since it opened here. They enjoyed watching the doughtnuts raise, cook, cool and be glazed.

 Monday was the first day of school. I took no pictures. It went pretty much how I expected it would and we were completely finished by lunchtime. Then in the afternoon we watched the solar eclipse. I don't know what rock I live under, but it wasn't until Saturday that I realized that we would actually be able to see anything. So I didn't have any glasses or anything to safely see the eclipse. Mom stopped by to watch with us and she showed us how to use a paper with a hole in it to see the reflection. That didn't work very well--only because the eclipse wasn't well defined. We had some cloud cover to contend with.
 What ended up working better was looking through the ipad after Jeremy taped a sunglass lens over the camera lens to block some of the reflection. We can all say that we saw the eclipse!
 The pool seems to be our water of choice this summer. Yesterday I took Renee and Lydia with us.

I am easing into the school year this time with just a couple days of school these couple weeks before Labor Day. I'll see how I feel about that when May rolls around!

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