Saturday, September 2, 2017

Joy Dare::August

4619. Friend morning
4620. Sang and rocked Isaiah to sleelp
4621. Filling up hungry tummies for lots of littles
4622. Cousins digging potatoes with Great Grandad
4623. Smile face drawn on bandaid
4624. Free ways to talk to a friend internationally
4625. Josiah diving
4626. Parenting pep talk
4627. Finished scanning
4628. A morning of serious cleaning
4629. Solidifying a new friendship
4630. First cousin slumber party
4631. A day with my mom and sisters
4632. Jonah was an amazing play
4633. The best sticky bun
4634. Jeremy capable and willing to care for 6 children for 13 hours today
4635. Aliza's calls just because she wanted to talk to me today while I was gone
4636. Baby clucks
4637. A very peaceful day with 6 children
4638. I should have been scared, but I wasn't
4639. The $ make my hands shake and my heart beat hard, but Jeremy takes it all in stride
4640. Yard mowed before the rain
4641. Started the next painting project
4642. Isaiah's attempts at doing exercises with me
4643. Little boys being brave for their Mommy
4644. Aliza helping with corn husking
4645. Being able to help Mom
4646. Busy butterfly
4647. Our happy place this summer
4648. Jeremy got to stop by to see all the new swimming skills
4649. Sitting down and answering all of Aliza's questions about school
4650. All the projects crossed off my summer list
4651. The rain stopped when we came out of the store with groceries
4652. Family ice cream trip to Dairy Queen and all the family silliness
4653. Some blue sky today
4654. Organizing school is mostly fun for me
4655. Aliza has some pretty great teachers
4656. Sore muscles means I'm exercising
4657. The British make a good baking show
4658. Finished my 2016 family scrapbook
4659. Josiah and Renee are best buddies today
4660. I cold honestly compliment Josiah's handwriting
4661. Laughing
4662. Everyone integrated with new friends at the pool
4663. Afternoon chai waiting for me
4664. Aliza reads my blog books over and over
4665. Sometimes faith is scary!
4666. Everyone together for Bible study
4667. Josiah thrilled to show me his rock fish
4668. Coco's and pizza
4669. Aliza was too old for the bounce houses but she had a great attitude
4670. Enjoyed the water slide at a 2nd party this afternoon
4671. Brandi phone time
4672. Buying Josiah some things to help him feel ready for school
4673. Anna says these two words never go bad: unicorns and princesses
4674. Fresh air helped my mood
4675. First day of school and I'm proud of everyone's hard work today
4676. Got to see the eclipse
4677. Krispy Kreme--hot and watching the cook
4678. The perfect hot tea for fall
4679. Pretty flower colors
4680. I was sitting right by the pool to rescue Isaiah
4681. The joy of watching a child obey
4682. Book in the mail
4683. Isaiah singing along in the car
4684. Going over plans with Aliza
4685. Freezing more corn
4686. Helping Josiah stick with the job after he got cut
4687. A handmade garland suprise
4688. The sweetest, more heartfelt Mommy love note delivered in a beautiful gift bag
4689. Josiah is excited about learning to mow
4690. Get to call my mother in law every day this week
4691. A most lovely morning with my Aliza girl
4692. Just a hint of season change in the air
4693. The sweetest snuggle time with Isaiah
4694. Hard work and fresh air
4695. Josiah likes the huge cucumbers I found when I cleaned up the garden
4696. Pears straight from the tree
4697. Inconsistent WIFI led to wonderful hours of play
4698. Successful science experiment
4699. Maybe we should be doing more schoolwork this week--but we're not
4700. Jeremy and I spending time with each other's parents alone
4701. Successful first 4 hour drive alone with the children
4702. Rainy day calls for cookies
4703. Finished another good book
4704. Playing in the stream
4705. So many different kinds of pumpkins
4706. Train driving
4707. Muffin eating
4708. Trampoline jumping

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