Monday, February 5, 2018

Still Reading Out Loud

It is Aliza and Josiah who love when I read out loud before bedtime. I read to Isaiah in the afternoon and, Anna, I can't quite get her to sit and listen. She picks out books at the library. I'm not sure if she won't listen because the 2 bigs do or if she is tired and would fall asleep if she holds still. Regardless, we are continuing to do Family Dinner Book Club this year as hosted by This year each month focuses on a positive attribute and, while there is one main book selection, there is also a list of about 12 more books that focus on the topic.

January's theme was teamwork and the focus book was Swimmy. We've read this one before, but it's a great story.
The Junkyard Wonders was one of the other selections and a new one to us. Such a good book! It's not that often that I am really moved by a picture book, but this one moved me. It's the true story of a very special special education class.
The dinner was vegetable soup, of course, based on the story of Stone Soup. The discussion questions focused more on the topic of teamwork then on a particular book. I try not to talk too much and let the children discuss together and this time there was good discussion.

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