Saturday, March 15, 2008

Aliza's First Fishing Trip

My Dad has given each of his grandchildren a fishing pole in the hospital as soon as they are born. He has anxiously awaited the day when he could take Aliza fishing. He would have preferred to take her out on a boat, but the little Allen Pond had to suffice for today.

I had to point out to Dad that he never had life jackets for any of his children, but he had one for Aliza. (I guess fishing from a boat in the ocean is safer in his mind than standing on the bank of a pond?? Or maybe you are just extra careful with your grandchildren!)

Aliza played on the slide until the first fish was hooked. Then she came over and helped reel it in. She touched it and then wasn't sure about it....wanted Mommy....then Grandad got a bucket and put the fish in it and she liked watching it swim around. Every time a fish was caught she promptly instructed the men to put it in the bucket. Jeremy and Dad caught 6 of the tiniest fish I've ever seen, but Dad had a ball and Aliza got to fish. That was all that mattered.

And I got my exercise for the day carrying Josiah around in the front pack and chasing Aliza around. Good thing I heal fast! I think I'll take my Ibuprofen tonight!


Meghan said...

I love it!

...and you look absolutely wonderful. Didn't you give birth two weeks ago or something?

Karen said...

I love it:)...Van and I giggled at the comment ...6 of the tinest loaves and fishies today...Great to be outdoors and with those you love....looking good Carla.