Friday, March 14, 2008

The worst, but very expensive, hotel

One of Jeremy and my dreams is to stay at Trump Tower on 5th Ave in New York City. We looked at the cost of rooms one time and the least expensive rooms run $800 a night. You all will know that we are well on our way to our first million when I blog about staying at Trump Tower! haha. Don't look for that post any time soon!

Anyway, I got the bill for my hospital stay. The cost for a semi private obstetric room for a night is $799 and the cost for a private room for a night is $804. I had a night in each of those rooms. (The bill is itemized and this is the cost of the room only. Meds, delivery, admission etc are separate lines)

So according to my calculations I could have stayed in Trump Tower for two nights and I would have had my OWN bathroom and my sleep would NOT have been interrupted every hour. Go figure. Of course insurance won't help with the Trump Tower bill!

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