Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Week, Coloring Eggs and a Yellow Balloon

My Week
My week could be summed up by saying that my way of coping with feeling like I could just cry all the time is to keep really busy. So Monday was laundry day and we home but every other day we did something outside of the house.

The toughest thing has been that Josiah hasn't wanted to sleep at all between 9pm-1am which leaves no time for Jeremy and I to connect or any time to ourselves.

The best thing has been that Josiah and Aliza have both slept really well in the afternoon which means that I've gotten a nap so that I'm still somewhat sane by 1am. And Jeremy pretty much holds him in the evening (he can still use the mouse and click with one hand), but that means he's really tired in the morning.

I have to keep reminding myself that Josiah is only 3 weeks old and we are still adjusting.

Coloring Eggs
Aliza had fun coloring eggs. She watched Janell for awhile and then she tried it and colored an egg. As you can see it is colored and cracked! =) Then she wanted to take the eggs in and out of the carton. All day she wanted to go to the refrigerator and "peek" at the eggs. She wasn't sure what to think when the color wouldn't wash off of her hands.

Yellow Balloon
Mom and I took Aliza to storytime at the Gospel Shop and she received a yellow balloon which she held on tightly to in the car. When we got out of the car at our next stop, I had both doors open in the process of unloading the children and her yellow balloon went up to the sky. She watched it fly away and took the disappointment really well. When we came out of the store she asked for her balloon and I told her it went up to the sky. Anyway, Mom told this story to my Dad and after supper that night they went to his office and got a yellow balloon for Aliza. After she colored eggs Grandad gave her this yellow balloon and she played with it all day. My Dad will go to extreme lengths to make sure his grandkids are happy. I wish he could be around to fix all of Aliza's disappointments in life.

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