Monday, August 30, 2010


Here we are at the circus. Being business owners we were sent a bunch of ticket coupons to put by our cash register. I gave some to friends and it worked out that we were all able to go together.

Aliza was outrageously excited to go to a circus. She really enjoyed every minute. There was one clown act that included a loud pop and the car breaking in half. That drew some tears, but she recovered. It was hot, really, really hot. We all had sweat dripping off of us. Aliza and Josiah's hair was wet. Josiah wanted to sit on my lap and it made me even hotter and more miserable.

We couldn't understand what the ringmaster was saying so I'm pretty sure we left at intermission. No one in our group had any hesitation about leaving. An hour was enough. I think another hour and the children would have been pretty antsy.

(I have lots of blog material. I just need to do some writing!)

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