Friday, August 6, 2010

Life This Week

  • I have a cold that has left me with a very hoarse voice. Sounding funny and feeling my throat every time I speak makes me realize how much I talk.
  • I must have looked (and sounded) very precarious at the grocery store. We ran into a neighbor and he helped us get out of the store and to the car. He even buckled Josiah in his seat.
  • I'm potty training Josiah. I'll spare you the details. He is slowly catching on.
  • This week I've been reading Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue. Whether or not I'm a fan of Sarah Palin, I'm a fan of small government.
  • Aliza can cry and carry on for the longest time, whether she is hurt or scared of a thunderstorm. Recently I've started telling her, "That's drama. You are overreacting." She turns it off and can think of an appropriate reaction. Smart girl.
  • I was informed today (by a Dr.) that Braxton Hicks start earlier each pregnancy. I have 4-6 every day already.
  • My grandparents have just moved in with my parents. Next project for my parents will be to convert the garage into an apartment for them.
  • I feel like I need to give breastfeeding a very strong attempt. I'm not sure I've got that in me.
  • I know I'm part of a good Bible study when I think about the discussion throughout the week. Right now we are studying Captivating, by John and Stasi Eldredge.
  • The other week at church Josiah sat beside me, looked at my eyes for a few seconds and said, "Mommy, eyes green." He is becoming quite consistent in identifying colors.
  • My new (maybe crazy) goal: Play 9 holes of golf with Jeremy before this pregnancy is over. Now if I would have a chance to actually hit a few balls for practice maybe I would actually be able to do that...
  • Wound of the day: Josiah was concentrating very hard on putting in the house, with his metal putter. He whacked my foot in the process of hitting the ball. NO MORE PUTTERS IN THE HOUSE!
  • We had a strong thunderstorm during supper last night. At one point Josiah grabbed my arm, looked at me very intently and said, "You scared too, Mommy?"

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