Sunday, August 22, 2010

Double Date

It has been literally years since I have had a one-on-one meal with my grandparents. Now that they live here, they invited us to go to dinner with them. I called it a double date. =) We thought it was a good chance to leave the children with their Grandma and Grandad so that we could have a nice meal with my Gramma and Grandad. I think that no matter how old I am, my grandparents will spoil me. They took us to Ray's Shanty for shrimp and then to Island Creamery for ice cream. I ate every last bite of food. I think all that food put my baby to sleep. I haven't felt much movement since the meal.

PS. I'm 26 weeks today. The shirt does not do justice to my belly.


Christie said...

You look adorable! Glad you had fun with your grandfolks! They look great too :)

chrissy said...

You look great! All you need is one of those flower ribbon sashes (like dear lizzy had in her last picture of this post that you could tie right at the top of your belly and it would define your belly perfectly. It would probably make the shirt look completely different too - like a whole new outfit.