Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LIbrary Love

What is there not to love about the library? Free books and free entertainment. Our library has a children's area that is more open that I would like it to be, but it is separated from the adult sections. The staff are great with the children and allow them to enjoy the library as children. Meaning that some noise and running is acceptable. It's a good thing because once Aliza sees the books she is off and running and noisily negotiating with me how many books she can bring home.

This is Aliza's favorite collection of books. Juvenile entertainment. Dora, Diego, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake... She looks through every book to decide which ones she wants and then brings me a huge pile to read. On this particular trip to the library she brought me about 10 Dora books to take home. I said she could choose 2, we settled on 3. What I didn't realize is how she interpreted this negotiation. She brought me 3 Dora, 3 Diego, 3 Yo Gabba Gabba, 3 Blues Clues...on and on. This time I let it go. She was so excited and, really, what did it matter? We read every one of those books and they bring her hours of happiness and they are FREE.
Here is the pile to bring home! Aliza could hardly carry them all at once.

Josiah's favorite reading spot. My job is to find him some tractor books. Chrissy scored big points when she found him a John Deere board book.

We usually stop at the coloring table to color a picture or two. Josiah is still looking at his John Deere book.

Today Aliza and I settled on 3 Franklin books, 3 Clifford's, 1 Curious George and 1 of anything/everything else. I also picked a couple non-entertainment books. She looked at them at least twice, once in the car and once after lunch. Then after Josiah was tucked in for a nap Aliza laid all the books out on my bed so I could tell her the titles. She chose 2 to read then. After nap she carried all those books downstairs and outside. While making supper I read another.

And at bedtime, of course, we read some more.

Today was an extra special book day. When we checked the mail Highlights had arrived too!
I love reading to the children. I really can't wait, though, for Aliza to learn to read!

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Christie said...

I love this post. The library is one of our favorite places, you just can't beat free books! I love that you are in these pictures. Us moms have to remember to be in our pictures. We are part of the story too :)Love it!