Friday, September 17, 2010


Today my husband was my hero. He invited us to have lunch with him just because I needed a break in the routine.

Today I'm adjusting to Aliza taking irregular naps. She fell asleep only one afternoon this week and, those who know me, know I love my afternoon nap. However, she has been really great about having quiet time and I do get to rest.

Today Josiah became our newest toddler geek. He did super well navigating with the mouse. Frighteningly well. The look of concentration on his face was priceless.

Today Aliza let me braid her hair and declared herself a true princess.

Today my sister, Linda, mastered pushing two swings at the same time.

Today I heard about someone I know being injured in a car accident and someone who I know less (he was 21) being killed in a car related accident. I can't describe how that makes me feel. I want to hang on to my children. I also have to consciously choose not to live in fear of the future.

Today Josiah told me to push him "up to the birds" on the swing.

Today Josiah wanted to lay in bed with me after his bath. He closely, very closely, inspected my nose and then declared, "there is grass in there."

Today my pregnant belly is destroying my body image.

Today Aliza shampooed her own hair. It was really great until we realized that she had used almost the whole bottle of shampoo.

Today I almost stepped on a snake. I went inside as fast as my body would let me to tell Jeremy. He came right away, but couldn't find the snake. Bummer.

Today I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!

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heather said...

Two things:

(1) God's been teaching me loads about letting go and trusting Him lately. Not an easy road for an overachiever with self-esteem issues. But a very good thing. :)

(2) Did you know you have grass in your nose?! Fall allergies make breathing difficult enough! lolol :)