Friday, September 3, 2010

Making Room

My original plan was to put the crib in Josiah's room for our baby. During the last few weeks Aliza and Josiah have wanted to sleep in the same room at night. Aliza and Josiah are on the same sleeping schedule so I had the great idea to move Aliza into Josiah's room. I mentioned the idea to Aliza one morning. She immediately said No. Later in the morning she must have talked to Josiah about it because she came to me saying that she asked Josiah if she could move all her things into his room and he said Yes. After that she couldn't wait to move.

Until moving day came. She fluctuated from heartbroken cries to being wildly enthusiastic to help with cleaning and moving furniture. When it was time to hang things on the wall she was pretty happy.

The first three nights Aliza slept on the crib mattress in her old room. This decision always came after playing happily with Josiah for about 2 hours after being tucked in. Jeremy and I didn't need to go to a circus earlier this week. We have a circus in that room every night. I think 10:30 has been our earliest fall asleep time yet. Having a 2 year old and 4 year old share a room is not my ideal situation, for sure. I'm hoping the novelty wears off and we have a smoother bed time routine before the baby comes.

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chrissy said...

The room looks really nice! The blanket I made for Josiah looks so tiny on his new big bed.