Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dog Days of...Spring?

Wow! It is hot here! The kind of hot that makes you drip sweat just stepping outside to take a bag of trash out. The kind of hot that makes window air conditioner units work so hard that they don't work at all. The kind that makes you tired even when you take a nap and don't do anything. The kind that makes a Mom buy a swimming pool with 3 little ones in tow.

That's what we did the other day. The swimming pools were outside the store. We parked, picked up our pool, paid for it and took it back to the car. Then we walked back in and did our grocery shopping. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but that is extra parking lot walking. I explained what 100% cooperation meant and Aliza and Josiah did pretty well. Today this is what they did in the pool...

My other challenge with the heat is that Anna is too little to be out in high 90 degree humid weather. Thankfully she is content to be inside alone for a few minutes here and there while I run outside to check on Aliza and Josiah or settle a dispute or remind them to turn off the hose.
I'm hoping for that predicted thunderstorm tonight.

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Christie said...

It is hard to imagine weather that hot. Right now, I am wearing a sweatshirt! Love the pictures. Keep cool my friend. Lots of watermelon and popscicles :)