Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Daddy Day

Father's Day started bright and early at our house. Jeremy got to sleep in and I hopped out of bed with the obligatory smile on my face. We headed down stairs to wrap a couple presents for Daddy. Aliza signed the card for everyone while Josiah helped wrap the present. After the present was wrapped Josiah headed straight for the stairs. I caught him and told him that Daddy was sleeping in and he could choose where to put the present for Daddy. I suggested a couple locations and he decided the presents should be hidden under the table.

He and Aliza guarded the presents while eating candy (who in their right mind gives their children candy before 8am? Must have been an early morning!) and cereal.
I was in the bathroom and heard two little people burst into Daddy's room saying Surprise!!! How can you resist two sweet little faces bearing presents for you? Daddy couldn't. Even though they told him yesterday what he was getting he was still surprised! ;)
Then they fed him candy. Oh, Daddy was a good sport.
I was planning to made breakfast and Aliza insisted it be served as breakfast in bed. It turned out to be a Daddy/Daughter breakfast in bed.
Daddy's biggest gift was being able to watch Sunday's coverage of U.S. Open in its entirety on HD TV. We spent the afternoon and evening at my parents. Aliza curled up with Daddy and I thought it was too cute that their arms were in the same position.
Daddy with his three children and the shirt Aliza and Josiah made him. This picture is going to be a favorite of mine for a while.

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Connie said...

so cute!! Love the shirt, how clever!!