Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wedding from Our Perspective

Since Jeremy was one of the photographers, I won't give away the essence of the wedding until Brandi has seen her pictures, but here are a bunch of my family.
A very happy flowergirl.

Sometimes you need friends in high places to get the job done.

I think some day I will crop her out of this picture. =)

The Moment:
It started well. Josiah carried his two favorite tractors from the nursery... And then....
Aliza starts to throw petals, only to realize her brother turned around and ran back to Grandma. It took her all of one step to decide to turn around too.

Daddy and his girls.

As Aliza calls it: The Dance Party

Josiah talked tractors with Great Uncle Darryl instead of dancing.

Her little cheeks were red. She did not stop! Aliza ran up to me at one point and told me that Uncle Joel said she was a ball of energy that didn't stop. Her favorite dancing partner was Uncle Joel. I tried to distract her from him, but every time I turned around she was back at his side. I felt bad when I saw one picture of Joel trying to dance with Brandi with Aliza on his hip. The dance party made up for her extreme disappointment of not walking down the aisle.

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