Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This is My Foot

The children were in the car ready to go to the library for storytime. I remembered that I needed to get the double stroller out of the shed so that we could safely cross the street with our many books to return. As I stepped down from the shed my ankle twisted and I fell. Aliza and Josiah could see me so they immediately asked if I was ok. Mommy, is always ok, right? I assured them that everything would be ok. Got up, got the stroller in the car and decided that it would be easier to go to the library than deal with the chaos that would ensue if I canceled our plans.

On the way to the library I realized that this didn't feel like other sprains and I wasn't going to walk it off. So I start calling people. Thankfully Dad was 5 minutes from the library and available. He met us there and helped us get inside. The theme of story time was trauma and one of the presenters was an ER nurse. I asked her to look at it. She thought the swelling looked too low to be a sprain and thought I should have it x-rayed.

Thank God for family. My sister was off work and came up to my house and stayed with the children while Dad took me to immediate care. Once again immediate care was awesome. In and out in an hour. They did x-rays. No fractures. They said they were give me a boot to let the sprain heal well. I had no idea it would take a boot this size to protect a sprain!

It does give very good support. I can walk without pain. The best thing about it is that I can walk in a normal motion so that I don't strain other muscles while protecting the sprain. The huge bummer is that there is an event this weekend that I was going to wear 4 inch heels to that very much complimented my dress. (Something that doesn't always happen for me and I was very much excited.) Oh well. Oh well. It's only vanity.

Aliza put all of her special friends to bed beside me to help me feel better. Awwww.


Natalija said...

I know it's gotta be a bummer about the heels, but I'm sure you'll still look amazing! Sorry this happened to you. I think you're so brave to still go to the library anyway.

Christie said...

Good grief! I can't believe that story time was about trauma...God truly works in mysterious ways! Hope you heal up quickly :)