Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lots of Little Bits

 Oh my! One day has melted into the next! Here are some of the things we have been up to.

Foremost on my mind tonight is Jeremy's family. Jeremy's grandfather passed away today. He has been ready to leave his earthly body for several weeks now. He is rejoicing in his heavenly body now. For that I am thankful.

Now...shifting gears...

Putting this shirt on Anna brought back memories of our trip to San Fransisco when Aliza was little. The shirt was purchased on the Apple campus. We sure are fans of Apple products!
It's already time to dig potatoes again. We have been enjoying the produce from Grandad's garden. Strawberries, potatoes, beets, carrots, and green beans have already graced our table.
 Aliza started swimming lessons this week. I'm glad I waited until it was something she wanted to do because she has loved it. 
 We have baby raccoons who have decided to take up residence in our yard. This little guy and his brother were watching us swing this late afternoon. Tonight when we got home they were in the driveway. I guess they are cute.
 This week is Vacation Bible School. Josiah is growing up! He is sitting at the table this year and participating in the class. Aliza is just plain excited. During the opening program she can hardly contain herself because she can't wait to go to her class. Last night she came home and I asked her how Bible school was and she said, "Perfect! It was just perfect."
 Anna loves sitting on Aunt Janell's lap. This is her favorite reading position too. She wants me to sit on the floor and she plops in my lap with a book.
 And this is Lydia. She is the little one that I prayed for and cried over when the doctor ordered genetic testing and diagnosed her with low muscle tone. Well, let me tell you, Lydia has just turned 10 months old and she is walking. Not just cruising. She is walking across rooms and pivoting to turn around. Thank you, Jesus!

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