Monday, June 18, 2012

On the Water

 Josiah and Aliza had their first chance to ride on a boat. They were so excited. Especially Josiah, has waited for his chance to fish in Grandad's boat. When we arrived, Brian and Caleb were finished and then it was Josiah's turn.

He got high 5's from Caleb and Aliza before they pushed off.

 Aliza could hardly wait for her turn. Josiah fished for a while and didn't catch a fish so it was Aliza's turn. (That's Aliza in the boat below.)
 Aliza caught a fish! Then she was ready to go to Grandma's house. We left (Jeremy was patiently waiting to start watching the US Open) and Josiah went back out on the boat to fish some more.
Josiah must have been a good fisherman because I started looking at the clock at 6:30 wondering when they would get back. We arrived at the lake at 4:00. He caught several fish, but when he got to Grandma's house he was most excited about getting to ride in Grandad's truck.

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