Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Morning Surprise

 It was a surprise, but not a happy one! Anna woke up crying. I let her alone for a bit before I went in and when I did she was laying in her crib. I started talking to her and she said "ouch" and pointed to her ear. My baby woke up with an ear infection. It was so sad! I picked her up and she clung to me and said ouch over and over and pointed at the same ear. It was unmistakeable.

I made a call to the doctor and an hour later all of us were at the office.Nothing like a trip to the doctor and pharmacy to change the tone of the day! Anna cried really hard when the doctor looked in her ears. That was so sad because at her well check she was Miss Social and didn't even sit on my lap or flinch when the Dr. listened to her heart and looked in her ears.

I thought I would be a supportive businessman's wife and had the prescription called in to a pharmacy that is one of Jeremy's clients. There was no drive through so me and ALL the children went inside and waited at least 15 minutes. There were all kinds of candy and gift displays. As I was rounding up the crew to leave the store I heard a drop and a crash. It was Anna. She had dropped a Pilgrim man figurine and the hat broke. We were on our way OUT of the store! I picked it up and looked at the price tag--set of 2--$42.99. I felt horrible. They didn't make me pay which was very nice, but I still felt horrible. All I could think was that I cost Jeremy a client. I called him right away and he said he would apply a "Pilgrim Discount" on their next bill. From now on I think I'll be a supportive wife by staying far away from clients!!
We came home and Anna laid pretty low for a little while. She did play and complained about her ear on and off. Overall, it could have been far worse for her.

My Mom saved my day. She came up and stayed with me. I could give Aliza extra attention for school and Anna could be held whenever she wanted to be. It was a day that I would have just survived and Mom allowed me to survive with sanity left at the end of the day. Jeremy was very happy that Mom could come since he was gone overnight.

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