Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gorgeous Days

 I live in this state of denial that it is still summer for as long as I can and then all of a sudden I realize that it really is fall. It is only starting to hit me this year...tomorrow is October and we are still wearing shorts. I haven't changed over the wardrobes yet. Only a week or so and I'll have to, I guess.

These days make it so hard to keep Aliza inside doing school. We complete school every day, but recently there has been some left to do after dark. I'm ok with that. These days make me a little fearful of how I will ever get Josiah to do school work next year when he is in kindergarten.

So in honor of the last day of September...
I babysit my nieces one day a week. Aliza and Josiah convinced Renee to join them on top of the van. She thought she was something!

Anna wanted to be something too! That's as far as she went.

Making bird nests. Anna is busy coloring.

Anna is big enough now to walk on our walks. *sigh*

 The sandbox is getting all kinds of good use recently. After a rain the children realized they could make sandcastles. That was fun--until Anna knocked them over as fast as they filled the bucket. I entertained Anna...

Can you tell that Anna has a big brother who loves tractors? She was driving like a pro!

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