Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tonight's Musings

  • Little boys are so heart warming. They go from being a little boy to a little man in a minute. Yesterday I had laid Josiah down for a nap. He didn't fall asleep and got up to look for me. I had gone outside to plant some decorative grasses. He found me and was crying alligator tears because he got scared when I wasn't in the house. I picked him up, gave him a big hug and within a minute he had a shovel in hand and was digging holes for the plants--saying things like "I'm strong, Mommy." and "Is this hole perfect?" and "I can lift that for you, Mommy."
  • I snuck spinach and blueberries in taco meat last night. It went undetected. Point for Mommy! 
  • We are caving on our boycott of Halloween. Just wish I was talented enough to make costumes without spending money.
  • I'm still thinking about God's sovereignty a lot. And how that affects me in my day-to-day life.
  • I got to scrapbook on Saturday and I finished 8 layouts. Unheard of. 
  • Anna has new words every day. She likes to sing. She usually calls me Mama.
  • Bible study is good for us. Aliza LOVES it. Josiah cries as soon as we get in the children's wing, but it doesn't last long after I drop him off. Anna doesn't cry unless she sees me walk past her door after I drop the others off. When I pick Anna up she grabs me and hangs on to my neck for dear life. As for me, I have 7 days of homework each week to prepare for the study. That takes discipline to complete!
  • As far as school, some days are so hard and require so much patience I feel like I'll pop. But at the end of the day I am so convinced that it is worth it and I know that I know that this is right for us at this time in our lives.
  • The truth is I am so very content and joyful. I'm thriving.

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VDOprincess said...

Found some really cute homemade costume ideas...

I'm currently strongly considering having linc go as either Waldo (from where's waldo) or a sock monkey. I figure a grey sweatsuit + make a hat....we should be perfect! (And warm.)