Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family Fun at the Market

 Today was our annual outing to a local market for pumpkins and fun. We went to Adkins Market this time and we did have fun! There was lots of space and lots to do. We started with a hay ride.

While we waited in line an older couple stepped aside because there were obviously more people than space on the wagon. Anna took one look at the lady and took her hand. Anna didn't let go and pretty soon she wanted the lady to pick her up. After the hayride Anna got off the wagon and turned around and waited for her new friend who's hand she promptly took. In fact Anna led her to the giant slide and insisted that she go down with her. I was more than happy to take my own daughter down the slide, but Anna wanted nothing to do with that little plan. I can only figure that her new friend reminded Anna of my Mom. I can think of no other explanation!!
 The slide really was a lot of fun. All three of the children went down multiple times.
 The corn maze was long! We had our fearless leaders who checked out every dead end for us! This was a 10 acre corn maze. I'm glad there was a short cut because Josiah got bored and was ready to be done.

 Aliza and Josiah figured out the hay maze together.

They had already picked pumpkins spread out in a "field." Josiah was so happy to pull the wagon around to pick his pumpkins.

As we were driving to the market I told Jeremy that I hoped that everyone could cooperate and be happy so that we could just have a good family time. They did and it was fun to be with them!

Later in the afternoon we needed to go to my parents house. Josiah and Aliza both fell asleep on the way and they continued to sleep for almost half an hour. I'd say they had a good day.

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