Friday, October 19, 2012

Chalkboard Pumpkins

 I thought this project was a great idea, but I was nervous enough about pulling it off that I had Jeremy supervise. See, chalkboard paint is real paint. Not kid paint that is washable and non-toxic and stuff.

First order of business was to rid the oldest children of clothing except for art aprons and contain Anna. Next was for me to go wash dishes and fold laundry. The painting went smoothly.

 And after the painting was done everyone went straight upstairs to the bathtub and could not return downstairs until morning when the pumpkins were, for the most part, dry. It worked out great and I think the pumpkins look pretty neat too.
 This one is Josiah's. The paint chipped in some places with hard pressure. A second coat would have helped that, I'm sure.

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