Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Around Here

 Around here we are cruising right along in first grade. Recently there has been as much drawing being done as listening. Or maybe she is just a really good multi-tasker because she can still do her worktexts with no problem.
 Around here we frequently have a princess in our midst. This newly acquired outfit is a prized possession right now.
 Around here it is much cooler and rainy. That doesn't keep these children indoors and it doesn't keep shoes on their feet!

 Around here we also have a policeman in our midst. Josiah communicated to us in a very mature way that he really, really wanted a costume to play with because he didn't have one. His wish was granted.

Around here I frequently hear "Papa Koalas!" used as an exclamation of surprise or delight.

Around here "poopy" is a commonly--over used-- adjective.

Around here the word "hate" is not tolerated. Josiah has a particular affinity for the word and as soon as he says it, I hear, "Sorry Mom. I said hate."
Around here we have a batch of sneaky chocolate chip cookies. They have white bean puree in them. They also have the combination of white flour, wheat flour, wheat germ and rolled oats. I'm having the most trouble adjusting to the wheat germ and rolled oats texture. You'd never know there are beans in them.

I'd say we are all doing pretty good around here!

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