Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Fun

 We sure made the most of those last few nice days last week. How quickly weather can change! It's rainy and blustery now from Hurricane Sandy. We are supposed to get the worst tomorrow afternoon into the night, from what I understand.

Painting on the picnic table. Anna got hold of Aliza's paper. She was quite the work of art when she was done. You should have seen her shirt before it came off! The table was well painted too. It's harm done.

 Aliza and Josiah decided to play a prank on me. They talked in whispers and were sneaking around the house. What they wanted to do was call me on my cell phone from the house phone. What happened is that they got on the house phone while I was talking to Meghan and hijacked the conversation. They thought it was so so so funny.

After that Josiah discovered that he really liked talking on the phone. He called his Grandma, then Grandma and Grandpa and then Grandad. The next day he called Great Gramma. From the reports, he is quite a well mannered, good conversationalist.
 It is fun to see Aliza want to read more and more. She is reading her to cousin, Lydia, here.
 Anna turns 2 in November. I can't believe it. Most days she does something new to remind me that she isn't a baby anymore. But once in a while I can walk in during her nap and she is sleeping so peacefully that I can think she is still a baby for just a moment.

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