Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From My Window

On the day that Jeremy left for New Mexico last week I learned that Hurricane Sandy was heading our way. I quickly realized that I needed to prepare for said storm before he got home. 

There is a seasonal migration of boy toys at our house. They head outside in the spring and then need to be retrieved, cleaned and assimilated with the house toys in the winter. I knew this storm was my perfect excuse to get this done. You would not believe how many trucks, tractors and other junk we lined up on the deck. Thankfully, 1) Grandma and Grandpa were here to help and 2) Josiah was very reasonable in what he chose for the house and what he chose to leave in the shed.

We picked Jeremy up at the airport Saturday night and it was raining by the time we woke up Sunday morning. It did not stop raining until this afternoon (Tuesday). It got lighter for sure, but it was still raining. I'm a sunshine girl and I'll be happy to see it streaming through the windows one of these mornings.

This storm was long. With so much rain ahead of the actual storm it seemed like it went on and on and on. For all the wind and rain we did not have any damage to speak of.

A large branch is down in the back.
This afternoon I sent Aliza and Josiah out for some fresh air. Today is our 3rd full day in the house and we are starting to feel it. Yes, it was still raining, but I sent them out anyway. Josiah's pit was full of water.
Then they headed over to the main attraction. They stopped and thought about it.
Then they went in.
Josiah come in for hot chocolate, changed into shorts and headed back out barefoot. This was a cold hurricane! That water and the air is cold! He kept his coat on.
When they came in they headed up for a warm bath and are no worse for wear. I'm pretty sure fresh, chilly air and splashing in huge puddles is good for the soul.

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