Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heaps of Fun

 The other day Josiah, Aliza and I worked together to rake a pile of leaves. They had fun for a little while, but I remember there being more whining and bickering than fun.


 This is what started the war. It was an all out leaf fight and no one was happy!
 Today was another super gorgeous day and I started raking leaves. We have so many leaves on the ground it take no time at all to make a huge pile. Today I made 2 piles and they were divided as the "boy" pile and the "girls" pile.

 Anna got in to the jumping too!
 It was pretty cute that Anna got very concerned every time Josiah put his head down in the leaves.

I ended up making 2 more piles elsewhere in the yard. One being at the bottom of the slide...that's been a favorite for a couple years now. My reward for all this raking? I already feel my shoulders this evening.

As for this weather? I'd have no problem if it stayed all year. But there is some weather craziness making its way up the East Coast so I'm sure this is short lived. We'll make the most of it for as long as we can!

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