Thursday, October 4, 2012

Those High School Days

 Just writing that title makes me cringe! I'd rather forget most of my high school days, but on days like today the memories come rushing back. We watched Jeremy's cousins play high school volleyball. Jackie plays on the middle school team and Katelyn plays varsity.

I  excelled in academics, but I really loved playing volleyball. You know what I remembered the most as I sat in the stands? My Dad's voice. When I was up to serve the crowd would quiet and Dad would say, "you can do it!" Or something like that...but I can hear his voice in my head. While I was sitting reminiscing about the old days, I had three very busy little ones around me. Lucky for me, Jeremy met us at the gym!

When we sat down in the bleachers Aliza said she was going to leave me alone "since you did this when you were a little girl." I seem so OLD to her!! Josiah sat with his fingers in his ears--with the most serious expression on his face--because he was afraid of the scoreboard buzzer. Too funny. He remembered the buzzer from the basketball game last year.

Let's just say that by the 3rd varsity game (this after 2 middle school games) I was quite thankful that both Josiah and Anna had an iphone to entertain them. Anna went from lap to lap looking at pictures. Josiah was playing memory.

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