Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Colors

 We took a trip into the hills of Pennsylvania to visit some good friends this weekend.

On the way we were able to meet my aunt and uncle at an *awesome* church coffee house. It was huge! It seated 100 people and had a separate, but equally furnished, eating area for parents and glassed in play *awesome* play area for children. We stayed for over 2 hours and no one was bored. Dan and Laurie had a very animated conversation with Aliza about school and I got to visit with my aunt which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also drank a caffeinated beverage which left me quite wound up until late that night!

I'm not sure that Billy, Diana and Braydon were quite ready for the energy that is the Heslop's to hit their house! We had a great time though. Braydon enjoyed being the oldest and he, Aliza and Josiah played really well together. Diana and I took the children to a Farm Market while the men finished a round a golf and met us for lunch. Of course, Josiah could hardly contain himself until we went on the hayride.
 In a moment of complete creepiness, I played the Mennonite game...and won! I was pretty sure I recognized this sweet lady. It is a connection that dates back to Oregon. She is a Neuschwander and Jeremy was second photographer at both of her girls' weddings in PA with the photographer (from Oregon) who shot our wedding.
 In the afternoon we went up a "mountain" to a place where the church has placed a cross that can be seen from the highway. It was a neat drive and the view was lovely.

Billy, Diana and Braydon

 We also went to Sunday School and church in a traditional Methodist Church where Billy is the pastor. I was very pleased with their behavior. You know, one of those moments when you can see some growth in your children. It was most lovely! Now that doesn't mean that I heard much of the sermon... =)

The children were super travelers this weekend!


Christy said...

so yeah, that's my aunt Lois.

Unknown said...

Ahh, Lois is my first Cousin. Wish you could of said hello for me. Her Mom and my dad were brother and sister.