Sunday, September 9, 2012


I think it was last year that I read a book by Corrie ten Boom titled The Silent Years. She wrote it later in life and what I still remember from that book was how Corrie ten Boom was convinced beyond a doubt that God is sovereign. If Corrie ten Boom, who was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp, can be convinced that God is sovereign I think I better listen up!

If I believe that God is sovereign, I believe that He has absolute authority and is the supreme ruler.

This is my story.

Earlier this spring I decided that Aliza needed an out-of-home activity this fall. I considered several options--home school PE at our local university and dance classes. Both of those options left me with 2 younger children to figure out how to entertain and Aliza was not at all interested in a dance recital. Then I heard about Community Bible Study (CBS). They were offering nursery, preschool, and primary grade classes along with the women's Bible study. It was perfect! Something for all of us and the a structured, more classroom like setting, for Aliza. I figured she would meet some other children (hopefully girls) her age who would also have to be homeschooled if they were coming to a Bible study during the day. I registered us.

Last week I got a phone call from the Children's Director for CBS. She told me that no one volunteered to teach the primary grade class so Aliza would be welcome to participate in the preschool class. I was super disappointed. I didn't want her to be in a class with 3 and 4 year olds who are learning their alphabet while she can read and write. It seemed like it completely defeated my purpose in attending the Bible study. But I had gone through a decision making process and this is what fit our family...

I called the person who contacted me because I was assigned to her Core Group. It turns out that Nancy had met me at a home school encouragement night last year and some how remembered me. She is a more experienced home school Mom than I am so I thought she may have some wisdom for me. We talked and in our conversation she mentioned several times that God is sovereign.

My mind was busy the rest of the day. My grand plan for Aliza had crumbled. I wasn't sure how to change my course or how to put the pieces back together. Sometimes it helps to just cry because you are disappointed and I did. I started praying that night and the word that sat in my mind and heart was "sovereign."

Sovereign. In his sovereignty God led me to register for CBS. In his sovereignty He knew there wasn't going to be a primary grade class. In his sovereignty He picked out the teachers for the preschool class. And because He is sovereign we are going to participate in CBS.

I'm looking forward to what we will learn--all 4 of us!

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