Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Anna has learned to color! She loves to color while Aliza is doing school work.

I love watching Josiah play. Here has a road and is clearing moss from the work site. He has a load and is driving it down the road... the dump site. He has a decent pile of moss there!

"Look, Mom! This loader has a huge load!"

Anna could hardly stand it that I wasn't taking a picture of her. This is her Cheeeeese! smile.

This was a moment I just wanted to remember. Anna was pushing the tractor, running all over the place. Her blonde curls were bouncing. So carefree and happy. Then she ran over to her Great Grandad to say HI and be picked up. Anna says HI to everyone--multiple times!

This week I finished reading Mary Beth Chapman's (singer Steven Curtis Chapman's wife) book about losing their 5 year old daughter in an accident. I have hung on to a lot more little moments with my kiddos. Books like that can mess with your brain!

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