Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aliza's Playlist

It's been a low key week and too hot to be outside. Aliza and Josiah have been the best of playmates. Legos and dolls/Lalaloopsy's have been the games of choice. Aliza has discovered itunes and there have been some epic dance parties. She searches for specific songs and the same ones each time. You can't even imagine the dancing! She dances until her cheeks are red and she's sweating. Here's her playlist:

Good Morning by Mandisa
To Hell with the Devil by Stryper
White Flag by Chris Tomlin
Come People of the Risen King by Keith and Krystin Getty
Fire Never Sleeps by Jesus Culture
Anything by the Newsboys, but especially:
The King is Coming
God's Not Dead

Careful! You might start dancing too!! =)

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