Friday, July 19, 2013

July Heat

 Wow! It has been hot and humid. The kind of hot that I compare to the dead of winter cold. You just can't stand to be outside. We have been holed up in the house this week and today we headed to the beach. I was even in the water--up to my shoulders. Aliza had the right idea.
We had some improvement in water skills today. Josiah went completely underwater. Never before attempted! Aliza put her face in the water. She has already done this, but it's been a long time. It's something she has had to relearn. The water got really choppy at 11:30. I was feeling a little nervous about Anna. The child has little fear. She'll walk out up to her shoulders when I'm in the water.

Meghan invited us to spend the afternoon with them at her parent's beach house. I felt like I was on vacation for an afternoon. The house was so lovely and comfortable. We washed the sand off and made lunch and then settled in for naps and quiet time. It took Anna an hour to fall asleep! After naps we walked around outside for about 20 minutes. Just enough time to go through another set of clothes and be drenched in sweat!

6 kids and 2 Mommies. It's makes quite a gang. Anna even hangs out with the big kids now. She especially likes to pick on Caleb for attention. I caught Caleb hanging over the back of couch letting Anna pinch his cheeks. They were both grinning. I hope these cousins love each other when they are teenagers. =)

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