Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Joy Dare::June

452. Bedtime snack on the deck
453. Spotting the first star
454. Saturday morning: TV for the kiddos, a book for me
455. Father and Son working hard together
456. Laughing about the early days of marriage
457. Bushes trimmed and brush burned
458. No electricity so we have conversation

459. A long drive and a snack with Daddy
460. The start of a contract with a new client
461. Utterly perfect temperature
462. A random computer game sparks interest in all kinds of careers
463. Simply enjoying our little family
464. Sunburn--it means I was in the sun!
465. Aliza still wants to sit on my lap
466. Sat down just to sit down
467. Waiting and hoping
468. Total Grandma lunch: pizza, chips, milkshakes and brownies
469. Supper out with Meghan
470. Aliza had a lot of fun at a friend's birthday party
471. Pouring rain
472. Following through when my gut tells me to stay strong
473. Scrapbooking on a rainy day
474. Eating peas straight from the shell
475. A new family at church
476. Family fun in the water
477. Laughter and giggles
478. Watching a colony of ants
479. Ice cream!
480. All 5 of us on the couch listening to the Aliza, Josiah and Anna tell made up knock knock jokes and laughing
481. Sleeping toddler. Looking at her makes my heart expand
482. Doing my best to be all present
483. Being happy on the mundane days
484. Prayer with women
485. A timely text telling me she's praying for me from one of my sisters
486. Jeremy listening to One Thousand Gifts on audio book
487. Found an old picture that reminds me of our love
488. Bedroom makeover
489. Afternoon snack with my Mom
490. Ice cream for morning snack (since we have no electricity and it's melting in the freezer!)
491. A deep conversation with Jeremy
492. Aliza showing compassion
493. The green leaves and grass that comes from having rain every few days
494. Sat outside alone and listened to the birds
495. Josiah trying to catch butterflies with his hands
496. Children excited to wake up Daddy with breakfast in bed
497. Blue sky peeking through gray clouds
498. Watching the US Open
499. My Dad still tells me he loves me.
500. My Dad is always there for me--even now when our lawnmower is broken and needs repair
501. Aliza prayed before going to her first day of dance camp. She did something she was nervous about and found out she loved it.
502. Playing in the rain
503. Visiting a home school Mom that I look up to
504. Praying at 3:30am since all of the children had to be re-tucked in anyway
505. Aliza's 50s dance. She was having a ball and it made me smile
506. The books I sent to my friend in Mexico arrived!
507. Loud music and kids dancing while I make supper
508. Talk time
509. Mom took Aliza to dance camp
510. Open windows and a cool breeze
511. I took a walk with Josiah and Anna. Josiah was talkative.
512. Sidewalk chalk
513. The zoo and McDonalds
514. Full summer moon shining directly in the bedroom window
515. The beginnings of a cleaned up shed
516. Sabbath
517. Twice mowed lawn--looks amazing
518. In one way or another I visited with all my sisters, my sister-in-law and my Mom today
519. Josiah had fun at Bible School despite not happy about going alone to the kindergarten class
520. A gentleman helped me unload a huge amount of cardboard recycling
521. Josiah came in proudly carrying a ladybug on his finger and later with a lightning bug on his finger
522. Home alone--a completely empty house
523. Working hard and feeling so proud of himself
524. Everyone went to Bible School and came home smiling
525. The adventure of watching a house be set on its foundation
526. Homemade ice cream
527. My in laws here to help while Jeremy is away. All was planned before Jeremy knew he needed to be away
528. Anna working so hard on her Bible School craft
529. Missing Jeremy
530. Safety during the storm
531. Jeremy safely home
532. Watching Aliza receive some genuine compliments on her singing at the Bible School program
533. First night in many months I didn't lay with the children until they fell asleep
534. Teaching by example
535. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever
536. A restful day
537. Applesauce from crab apples delivered to my door. Made in a paper bag by happy children
538. A chat with my Aunt

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Life is beautiful.