Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Africa" Cookies

In their online store, Sole Hope has Africa cookie cutters. I decided that every shoe cutting party should have Africa cookies for a snack. Unfortunately, I decided that a bit late and the cookie cutter arrived a day late. But a youth group was having a party on Wednesday so I decided to put the cookie cutter to good use and make cookies for them. Next month this cookie cutter will be a Christmas tree decoration because it will make me happy to look at it.

I'm on a hunt for the perfect cut out cookie recipe. This one was a Snickerdoodle cookie. The dough was great to work with, but I wasn't completely sold on the taste. I had some really great helpers. I convinced them that they had to listen and follow directions and then they worked really well and stuck with it.
This helper thought the dough was very yummy and played with it.

I sprinkled some sugar on top. The cookies are especially yummy dunked in milk. Of course that is the best way to eat most any cookie, in my opinion!

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