Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In the Last Few Days

My brother needed to get rid of a sofa set that was in a house he is renovating. He offered it to us and since the sofa we had was in dire need of replacement we accepted this sturdy, comfy, plaid, L shaped sectional. Soon we will completely rearrange our "living room" to accommodate the L shape. Now I'd like some throw pillow and window treatments. But how to work with the plaid? Then there will be the issue of lighting when we move the living room around. I've gotten myself in quite a fix! Did I mention that the whole family has a place to sit now? And there are options! It's really a novelty...and quite fun! And having couch cushions to make houses with? It doesn't get any better than that!

We took a lovely fall walk around the pond at Pemberton Park. We were able to pretty much avoid photobombing any family portraits. I'm pretty sure every photographer in the area was out that day with clients.

The children picked up colorful leaves and anything else that caught their eyes as we walked. They made nature wreathes with their collections.

Aliza knew exactly what she wanted to do and put hers together really fast.
It was still wet when I took this picture, but it hangs really nice too.
Josiah tore his leaves so that they fit neatly and perfectly on the the cardboard form.
Anna used every single thing she collected including every little stone. I think she had at least half of the bottle of glue on her wreath. But she stuck with the project and enjoyed the process.
Aliza had a history report to complete that required historical information about the town we live in. We took a little field trip across our yard to visit our neighbors who are life long residents. Andy is very knowledgeable and a retired educator so he was more than happy to sit at the table and talk with Aliza.
It's a good kind of busy around here!

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