Saturday, November 30, 2013

Joy Dare::November

897. An empty house to clean out the toy box
898. A date!
899. A windy, rainy day really makes it feel like fall
900. Cleaning for a new sofa
901. Welcoming my sister home from her honeymoon and into her new home
902. Aliza had an answer when she was asked, "What did you see God do today?"
903. Walking in the woods
904. Having choices of where to sit in the living room
905. Nature wreaths
906. A history project that took us across the yard to visit long time residents of our little village
907. School finished before supper
908. Clean and folded clothes
909. Pumpkin bread baking
910. A night of uninterrupted sleep
911. A great big pile of leaves
912. An unexpectedly warm afternoon
913. How the children notice details in nature. Josiah pointed out light shining through a space in the clouds
914. Resident woodpecker
915. Effective consequence
916. Perseverance to follow through on effective consequence
917. The feeling when I crawl under the covers at night
918. A fun co-op class
919. More time to practice waiting and trust
920. Another day nice enough for a walk
921. Billy Graham's last message
922. Collecting donations for a project
923. My closet clean and organized
924. Grass cut for the winter
925. 20 question game 5 year old style (how many time does he change his word during the game??!)
926. Time to play with Anna alone
927. Brightened Judy's day
928. Drilling letters and reading with Josiah
929. Good health
930. Being home and available
931. Jeremy didn't have to work all night to fix the computer crisis
932. Sitting, holding kiddos and reading
933. Kind, helpful neighbors to jump my car this morning
934. Acting on a gut instince
935. Aliza said, "reading is one of my favorite activities."
936. Using minecraft specifically for education
937. Nobody even asked to use the computer this evening
938. Jet packs made from 2 liter soda bottles
939. All in a row eating frozen yogurt
940. Cleaning and rearranging
941. Wrestling with this season of giving and how much is too much
942. Planning Anna's birthday party
943. Having enough sofa seating for everyone
944. Cutting shoe toppers for Sole Hope
945. Passing on the supplies for another Sole Hope party
946. Warm sun on our faces--in November!
947. Jumping in puddles
948. New lighting for the living room
949. Understanding more how fragile life is
950. Baking cookies for a youth group
951. Asking a question to know for sure
952. Talking and listening
953. A sister to help with school
954. A kind cashier
955. A Mom that didn't pass judgment
956. A sister who understands
957. A daughter who declared herself my apprentice
958. Ending a difficult day with an I love you.
959. Lots of help
960. Cake decoration arrived just in time
961. Squeals of delight
962. Talking at the table with parents
963. Stopping in the sermon to listen to the children singing in the next room
964. Giggles. Lots and lots of giggles
965. Children to cheer up Great Gramma
966. Parents and in-laws who are friends
967. Playing preschool Uno
968. A Christmas concert--the Hallelujah Chorus and an amazing piano solo
969. Thinking about every penny I spend
970. Hanging out at Laura's house
971. The feeling of heart swelling when I saw our family pictures
972. Sitting at the window watching the children play together
973. Cold, crisp, fresh air before rain
974. Giving Anna extra attention
975. Sorting pictures
976. TobyMac on repeat--and loud
977. Cabin fever craziness
978. Dead school computer means Thanksgiving Break starts a day early
979. Being with Gramma
980. A husband to handle all my technical difficulties
981. A wonderful Thanksgiving dinner
982. Watching Ann and Liz's webcast with Mom and Gramma
983. Lunch in the car
984. New clothes for half the price
985. Letterboxing in the cold
986. Fancy face painting
987. Feeling of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays on the same day

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