Monday, November 11, 2013

Just a Day

I've talked about good days. This was not one of them. It wasn't a terrible day. I was just in a bad mood. And that makes everyone else in a bad mood too. This day ends with a little girl still awake at 10pm. Oh the joys of having a good afternoon napper!

Maybe the problem with today was that I just couldn't live up to my own expectations. I couldn't get the house to the point that I wanted it. I can't make Josiah learn faster than he can learn. I didn't let myself make cookies.

The temperature was lovely morning. We took a walk and visited our favorite neighbors. That was a good choice because she seemed brighter when we left. School really went smoothly. The laundry is clean, dry and folded. Everyone ate 3 meals and got hugs, kisses and smiles. Even if I didn't feel like smiling.

That's all. I'll go to bed and try again tomorrow!

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