Saturday, November 2, 2013

Joy Dare::October

801. A timely reminder to use kind words
802. The rainbow's promise
803. Allergy medicine to help Anna feel better
804. Chasing the ice cream truck--and finding it!!
805. Sleeping tonight even though there are so many chores left undone from today
806. Dressers filled with warm clothes
807. A few extra summer days
808. Lots of excuses to play outside
809. Cooperation
810. Supper cooked for me
811. Ice cream on Great Gramma's couch?!
812. Scrapbooking and visiting
813. Josiah confidently ordering his dessert at the restaurant
814. Shopping for dresses for my girl
815. Mommy and daughters time
816. Seeing self-esteem grow before my eyes
817. Anna telling me the Bible story of Noah
818. Volunteer fire department to come out to make sure everything is ok with our smoking electric line
819. Pink sunset
820. Rain and mud to make playing outside so much fun
821. Arms flung wide open to give Mommy a hug
822. Meghan called
823. A house quiet enough to hear the rain and wind
824. Josiah didn't cry when I dropped him off at his class
825. Making salad
826. Cleaning up the mess from making salad
827. A place to run around on a rainy day
828. A fun chat with Brandi
829. Making supper for friends--and they loved the zucchini lasagna
830. Anna got to spend time with Grandma. I got to give my attention to the big kids
831. Visiting with my aunt and cousins from far away
832. First Letterbox
833. Figuring out the behind the scenes logistics for Laura's wedding
834. A borrowed dress
835. Broccoli soup helpers
836. Christmas toy catalogs
837. Pajama day
838. After days of rain seeing just a few rays of sunlight this evening
839. A surprise baby shower
840. 3 children so happy to be able to play outside
841. Aliza laughing so hard she had tears running down her face and her side hurting
842. The proud smile Josiah flashes when he knows he read a word correctly
843. Tears because a book series I was reading to Aliza was finished
844. Answered prayers for a friend's surgery
845. Holding off school until dark to spend time outside
846. Cooperative and smiling children
847. Lots of turtles on a log
848. Toddler created game--foam, new pencils and giggles when the pencils get flipped on the floor

849. Trimmed hair
850. 3 children and I eating lunch in McDonalds and having conversation while we eat
851. Feeling more connected at co-op
852. Doing date night child care in exchange for a date night
853. Gooey chocolate oatmeal bars. Yum!
854. Choosing the perfect pumpkins
855. A nap under the covers which took away the headache
856. Soybean fields colored yellow
857. Buying a sandwich for a lady who needed lunch
858. Ordering Gramma's pictures
859. Mom's pumpkin whoopie pies
860. Stamps and paint
861. Spontaneous excitement when they knocked on her door and Judy was home. Their jumping up and down really brightened her day.
862. Schoolwork feeling more routine
863. Waiting for UPS to bring the Lego set he earned
864. Apple pie helper
865. 9 people around our table for supper
866. My husband really enjoys talking to my Dad (in the driveway for 45 minutes after they arrive home)
867. Mom's knock on my door changed the tone of my afternoon
868. Anna not napping meant she feel asleep early tonight
869. Moments that remind me that Aliza is still a kid
870. Incessant chatter by my eldest child
871. Anticipation
872. Making a room fit for a wedding feast
873. Moment of relief knowing that Phil was safe and sound
874. A man so special for my sister
875. A new brother in law
876. Hair, makeup, dresses, heels
877. A little girl taking it all in
878. All the work to make it a special day
879. A second Mom and Dad to make it all possible for me. Who even ran to the store so Anna would have frilly white socks to wear
880. Visiting with Grandma and my aunts
881. That guy with the camera that I get to call my husband
882. My parents--they work together, support each other, love each other and married off 4 daughters (and a son).
883. Field trip that inspired independent reading
884. Check in the mail
885. Cursive handwriting
886. Watching a fun volleyball game
887. Golden light on colorful leaves
888. An evening to take a break and share stories with Chrissy
889. No tears during drop off at Bible study
890. Making a choice not for my own needs but the good of the group
891. Baking cookies
892. Making a habitat model
893. Mom visiting
894. Struggling with a new math concept
895. Brother and little sister playing
896. Movie and candy night

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