Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Letterboxing and Fun

It was pretty chilly, but Van and I dragged the family out for an afternoon of Christmas in Shepherdstown and Letterboxing.

Shepherdstown, WV was kicking off the holiday season with various festivities. After we listened to carolers, Van, and a few others including Aliza and NOT including me sang Jingle Bells at the top of their lungs while we walked down the street. I pretty much felt like an embarrassed teenager.
We ate (free) popcorn while watching the (free) magic show until Aliza got her face painted for free. She chose the Snowflake Princess design and she LOVED it.
Then it was my turn to introduce the family to Letterboxing. I had printed 2 clues in close proximity to where we were. I was pretty sure the first one was going to be missing and it was, but we found the clue location.
Van was completely mystified as to what we were actually looking for, but when he was the one to actually find the box at the 2nd location, then he thought it was pretty neat.
Let's note that Jeremy embraced his journal and put his first stamp in.
Since this excursion, Karen has met a very serious Letterboxer and could quite possibly be hooked! Poor Anna. I let her stay up all afternoon. By 3:30 when we got home and it was too late for a nap she was so tired. She held her bear and went from lap to lap and was asleep by 7:45. She's still a napper.

In other news, I informed Anna tonight that there is a word that she has forgotten how to say and needs to practice. The word is "Yes." My patience is being stretched to the limit this week.

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Janell said...

Did you turn 50 shades of red?