Friday, December 27, 2013

Gifts that Give

Jeremy always asks me what I want for Christmas and usually I'm not help, but this year I kept track of social enterprise companies that employ people in other countries to make a product. I love what I got and I love even more that someone received a living wage to make it.

I've already talked about Sole Hope on this blog so I won't bore you. I wanted a hoodie. It's a really soft material and I LOVE wearing it.

This bag is from a company in Haiti called 3 Cords. 3 Cords is a social enterprise founded in September 2010 to train, employ, and empower Haitian women and their families.  The mission of 3 Cords is to provide opportunities to women with physical disabilities, and to show them that they are both beautiful and valuable.  We do this by training the women as artisans in a loving, community oriented environment. 

A necklace made from recycled paper by women in Uganda from a company called 31 Bits. The mission of 31 Bits is to use fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty.
Finally, this canvas art just because I love it. Eucharisteo always, always precedes the miracle.
I have lots more Christmas fun to share!

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