Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

Our Christmas Day was quiet, simple and lovely. There were parts that were not perfect and it was ok. We gave gifts and spent lots of time on the floor putting legos together. We've had several Christmas gatherings of which the last was tonight and Aliza hugged me at bedtime and said, "Thank you Mommy. It was the best Christmas ever."
Anna was just in awe over every gift she opened.
We knew getting her a doctor set meant we would be patients the rest of the day. We were right. She was a princess doctor after she opened her princess dress. That princess dress didn't come off for a full 24 hours.
Aliza immediately fell in love with Cecile even though it was not one of the dolls she most wanted. (It was one of the dolls that was on sale last year that I saved.)
Josiah's biggest Lego set to date. He was thrilled.
Josiah and Daddy worked on the Coast Guard boats.
I sat with Aliza while she built Olivia's house, a friends Lego set. I only needed to look over her shoulder once in a while. She followed the directions all by herself.
After 4 hours of building and sitting on the floor, I am protecting this house from destruction! It is really neat! All of the details and accessories are perfectly designed for a little girl.

I cooked dinner for my grandparents and my dad. Mom stopped by after work. It was a really great meal. Too bad really great meals usually come with lots of dishes! It was worth it though. I ended up staying up way too late because it had been such a good day, I didn't want it to end!

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