Tuesday, December 24, 2013

well that was exciting

Jeremy and Anna were playing the I'm-going-to-chase-you-to-bed game. Anna ended up in our no-extra-space bathroom. Somehow she ended up falling between the toilet and the sink and managed to break the pipe that going from the toilet to the wall.

I was reading to Josiah and thought I heard the shower start. I thought it was odd but I knew Jeremy was there and didn't worry about it. Pretty soon I hear "I NEED HELP NOW!"

I walk in the bathroom to find a wet Jeremy with his finger over the pipe to stop the gushing water. I had no clue what to do and the picture was rather funny so I giggled.

Then I flew into action. I called by brother, of course. He told me to find the breaker for the water pump and turn it off. By this time the children are hysterical. Jeremy told them something like, "If I take my finger off this pipe our whole house will flood." So they are crying in my ear asking if we are going to die....because, of course, if our whole house floods we will lose all of our things and all die.

Meanwhile, Jeremy's finger is getting sore holding back the water. He punches a hole in the drywall and inserts a kids toothbrush into the pipe to stop the water.
I successfully get the water turned off and faucets turned on to release the water pressure. The children are still hysterical. Of course it's now way past bedtime and they are too tired to even think rationally. Seriously. They really thought there was a possibility of all of us dying! Poor babies.

Brian came. Capped off the pipe. We stood in the bathtub to watch him. I had to stand with the children because they were all too scared to stand by themselves.

Brian left. I laid with each child so they could fall asleep. Jeremy turned the water back on and everyone slept well.

Thankfully we have a 2nd toilet in the house!

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