Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with Our Families

We very much enjoyed celebrating Christmas with both of our families. Here's just a glimpse of some of our memories:

Grandpa was ready with the camera as soon as we arrived!

Anna received a drum. She needed a drum. Her favorite: singing Jesus Loves Me or If You're Happy and You Know It while banging on the drum.

American Girl DVD
Have you ever seen anyone so excited about getting a box full of K Cups??
And even more excited about a special drawer for his K Cups!!
Yup. She's happy.
It was a Lego Christmas and Josiah was perfectly happy to start building right away.
The circle keeps getting bigger with my family.

Aliza gives gifts to her grandparents and it's a pretty special tradition for her pick out gifts for them. A football for Grandad.
Peach Tea for Grandma

December taught me one thing for sure: Never take for granted special family times with everyone healthy and present. We didn't. We enjoyed every minute of our Christmas celebrations.

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