Monday, January 20, 2014

Back To Healthy

Wow! No blogs for a whole week! What happened? I'll tell you. We continued to have a sick person (Josiah) in our house last week. I got major cabin fever and thought I might go crazy! It wasn't that he was miserable--I called it the Tired Disease. He was taking two long naps a day and sleeping all night too. And he didn't eat well at all. By the end of the week I got some time out of the house. I had dinner with a friend on Thursday and I had a scrapbook day on Saturday. I could feel myself reviving on Saturday. Such a good feeling. Then yesterday we had a VERY late night watching the championship football games with Dad. I was hoping the 49's/Seahawks game would be decisive so we could come home, but it wasn't. We got home at 10:40pm. Thankfully the children sleep in this morning and we have the freedom to have a very slow, relaxed morning.

So we are back in the Monday routine of laundry and school. Everything was going well until Josiah thought he needed to aggressively protest a simple writing assignment. He carried on and on and then it got quiet and I thought he had just given up. His lesson was playing and I walked over and found this....

For some reason I feel this is a foreshadowing of high school. It was one of those, "This is definitely going on my blog" moments. I'm hoping it was the late night last night. He is eating differently, but a lot more. After 2 full weeks of sickness, I'm really counting on a healthy week...and some good blog stories.

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