Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting Away

Jeremy and I had an amazing, relaxing weekend together in Ocean City last weekend--compliments of a golf tournament raffle! This means our children got to spend 2 nights at Grandma and Grandad's house. Let me tell you they made sure my relaxing did not begin until the exact moment that I closed the door at Grandma's house and jumped in the car and shut...with much enthusiasm...the door!

Friday morning Aliza made me a book. It's entitled "Endangered Kids." Here's a sampling of the content.
Kid loves their home.

Kids do not want to go away.
But they love home!

Josiah presented me this picture of a happy home with big tears in his eyes. He was crying while he drew it! (He may as well have ripped my heart out and stomped on it!)

I'm thrilled that my children love their home and family. I couldn't ask for anything better...except I'm afraid they may never leave!! Regardless they spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandad and, despite Aliza's threats that she would NOT have ANY fun, they had a great time. When we got back Aliza had 3 days worth of journals documenting everything she (and her siblings) ate, all of their activities, and everything they watched on TV. It's priceless. She told me every detail of the Shark Tank episode and the (on demand) Duck Dynasty shows they watched.

Caleb says stop. Josiah says poop. Gideon is holding Bella. I'm holding Laura.
Needless to say, these pieces of work are in a file folder that I'll be hanging on to! And, yes, when we got back they weren't ready to come home! For that matter, Jeremy and I may not have been ready to come home either. The first night we didn't talk about the children at all, but by the second night we were giggling about their antics and we were ready to see them. But, oh my, it was SO good to get away and just relax and eat a lot of really good food!

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